Seminario "Tricks with Au and Ag: spheres, cubes, cuboids and cages"

Martedì 31 luglio 2018 alle ore 11.00

presso l’Aula 1 dell’Edificio F
Area della Ricerca CNR
Via Madonna del Piano, 10 Sesto F.no (Firenze)

il Dr. Boris Khlebtsov
del Laboratory of Nanobiotechnology
Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Plants and Microorganisms
Russian Academy of Sciences (IBPPM RAS)
Saratov, Russia

terrà il seminario:

"Tricks with Au and Ag: spheres, cubes, cuboids and cages"


Au and Ag are two most popular plasmonic materials. The advantages of Ag nanoparticles are related with sharp LSPR peaks and high SERS enhancement due to smaller resistive loss. Au nanoparticles are chemically stable, nontoxic and have simple protocols for synthesis of nanoparticles with designed shape and optical properties. In this presentation we decide to overlap the advantages of Au and Ag by developing wet-chemical approaches for synthesis of composite Au@Ag nanoparticles with different shapes. The following types of particles will be considered: Au Mie spheres, Au@Ag nanocubes, Au nanocages, Au@Ag nanocuboids,nanocuboids with embedded Raman reporters, tip-functionalized Au nanorods with Ag shell. The brief protocols for nanoparticles synthesis, their optical properties and possible biomedical applications are under consideration.


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Luogo Aula 1 dell’Edificio F - Area della Ricerca CNR di Firenze